Free gym, free energy, free health and environment friendly.

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  • O sala de fitness cu aparatura modifica, ce are capacitatea de a transforma caloriile arse in timpul exercitiilor de fitiness in ceva productiv, energie electrica.

    Buna ziua!

    Proiectul meu se refera la un start-up ce are mai multe beneficii pentru oameni, sanatate, mediu si societate.

    O sala de fitness cu aparatura modificata, ce are capacitatea de a transforma caloriile arse in timpul exercitiilor de fitiness in ceva productiv, energie electrica.

    Asa cum citim zilnic in ziare si vedem in aproape fiecare reportaj, tara noastra se confrunta cu mai multe probleme de natura economica, sociala, educationala s.a.m.d. Incercand sa gasesc o solutie optima pentru a vedea ce putem face, ca tineri si ca viitor al tarii, am decis sa incepem diverse proecte si sa combinam aceste probleme in incercarea de a gasi solutii alternative, fara a apela la stimatii nostrii lideri.

    Unul din aceste proiecte este ECO GYM, o sala de fitness in care nimeni nu va platii intrarea, iar efortul fizic depus initial pentru o constitutie si un fizic cat mai placute, va fi transformat in energie electrica si valorificata pentru ca fiecare unitate sa se poate auto finanta, pentru ca serviciile oferite sa fie de cea mai inalta clasa si de ce nu, daca se constata ca are un randament peste cel asteptat, sa se poata rasplatii prin diverse premii, concursuri, promotii, etc.

    Facem miscare, ne mentinem in forma, nu platim abonamente pentru acest lucru, producem energie alternativa, avem grija demediul inconjurator, petrecem timpul liber intr-un loc si intr-un mod placut si socializam. Toate intr-un sigur loc.

    Sper ca si ceilalti sa vada lucrurile asa cum le vad eu si sa incercam sa facem o lume mult mai buna.

    Va multumesc!


    My project is about some kind of start-up business, which has a lot of benefits for people, health, environment and society.

    The project is a gym where every equipment is modified and connected to produce electrical energy by movement.

    In our country we have a lot of problems, including economy, health, society, education and many more. Trying to figure out What can we do, as young people, without asking support from our government, I decided to start projects that combines our problems and try to solve it in some alternative ways.

    For example this Gym that I want to create is using all the energy that we spend when we do exercises to produce electrical power. 

    And please believe me it's a lot of energy wasted.

    People are paying to go to a nice place where can do exercises and they don't get any time what they expect, so this might be one solution for this kind of problems.

    Lose weight, keep in shape, not paying for it, so everybody can join, produce green energy and taking care of the environment, having good time, socialize etc., all in one place.

    Hope you will see this the way I see and together we can make the world better.

    Thank you!

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